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Katalis Arts Forum was non-profit organization founded on October 6th 2006 by Yogyakarta based artist and their friends, this forum was build because of we are concerned to what happen inside of artist themselves, that they have a big problem to do some mediation for their work and also what they thought into the whole world. With The first simple concept, few of Indonesian artist that really concern about this, they tried to organize all of this into something that really positive. Such as, for global they tried to facilitated all of artist need to communicate to the art world outside Indonesia. So It will make a large of connection between them and audience outside Indonesia, and also a hope that lots of people will learning and have an interaction process between their and the audience, modern with all respect to the mutual appreciation of contemporary and art in both countries will be happen. Katalis Arts Forum were also have some special characteristic, this is non profit-organization that were open for any kind of art form, universal with lots of consideration that should to remember that arts was an universal language to everybody. And Because of that Katalis Arts of Forum of always tried not to be specifically for only one field.

Our Programs

Katalis arts forum as mediator for its members to built relationship and working together with other international artist network such as musium, art gallery and also artist initiative. We runs several programs such as: art residency, art research, art exhibition, art visiting, and art education too.

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Brahm Satya

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Dian T Indrawan, Amd.P

Cicilia Prastanti

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· Agus Baqul

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Education Team

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· Deni Junaedi

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